Why your hamstrings suck at life and 5 postures that will help 

We all want a more limber existence. Whether it’s for daily survival or to achieve that coveted Asana. either way, your Hammy’s need love. And what gets more out of them isn’t what you would think. Quadricep flexibility, low back mobility and hip stability all play a role in a healthy hamstring. 

Two things you need to remember:

1. Your hamstrings compensate for other deficiencies in the body. 

2. This is not a race.

Gravity will not define your hamstrings. It will take some work and time. But eventually you can get to a place where you have a healthy, happy hammy. You might never achieve the pancake, but you will certainly improve your quality of life.

Open your hips for better hamstrings

Konasana – Bound Angle Pose

Elongate the quad and open the hip for healthier movement

Ardha Bhekasana (half frog posture) with pigeon hold

Utthan Pristhasana modified. Modified lizard posture with pigeon hold

Recline to save the lower back

Hand to big toe, reclined with quiet hip open
Extended quad stretch in a compass seat