Back bends are your friend!

No matter how gentle, a Back Bend is the key to a healthy spine and emotional well being.  Increase flexibility of the spine Increase spinal fluid Open chest for stress and tension relief Stretch and strengthen hip flexor Strengthen back, glutes and hamstrings Strengthen and lengthen the quads Increase mental clarity Aids in anxiety  Lengthens… Continue reading Back bends are your friend!

Surviving the balancing act

  We all have a certain level of stress and responsibility in life. Bills, children, relationships, projects. Managing can become seemingly impossible. I know that I struggle depending on the load and the day. And living with sometimes crippling anxiety doesn’t help!   A lot of the general public thinks of Yoga to handle life… Continue reading Surviving the balancing act

Hip Tension Overviewย 

Tension in your hips and hamstrings is oftentimes a secondary issue. More often than not, you actually have tension or problems in the lower back. Over time, the hamstrings and hips will tense to bare in an attempt to protect the lower back from (further) injury. Working with bent knees in forward folds, using blocks… Continue reading Hip Tension Overviewย 

For The Love of Beginners

For the love of beginners Lindsey Marie (insta/TheYogaHick) When someone makes the decision to begin a Yoga practice it is usually for one of two reasons. Inner inprovement. Outer improvement. However, there is a certain amount of apprehensions that come with this. “I’m not flexible enough”, “Everyone else in class will be more advanced”, “I’m… Continue reading For The Love of Beginners

Maintenance of Breath

When practicing Asana, newer practitioners tend to ask the question: “How long should I hold each posture?”. The truth is, only you can answer that. While there are guidelines ( possibly even goals), your quality of the breath is more important. So next time you go to your mat take the time to evaluate yourself… Continue reading Maintenance of Breath