Combine Rose Petals & Bay Leaf for clarity and calmness

 We all go through brief (or sufferable) moments of stress and anxiety. Today is one of those days for me, in particular. I have always been a fan of holistic treatments and therapy. Although, admittedly have been neglecting lately and internally it shows.   This morning, I woke up in an instant state of panic and…… Continue reading Combine Rose Petals & Bay Leaf for clarity and calmness

On Hiatus. Anxiety Sucks Ass

Sometimes the smallest changes take an immense amount of spiritual energy out of me. Any shift in moods, life or diet can tear me up mentally and sometimes physical. Oh the joys of anxiety.    Lately there hasn’t even been a shift of anything. In fact, things just keep getting better. I’ve removed toxicity, my…… Continue reading On Hiatus. Anxiety Sucks Ass

Three ways Yoga can conquer Anxiety

By Lindsey White, CYT    I know first hand what Anxiety can do to a person. I have lived with it for a very long time. It comes on out of nowhere, for seemingly no reason at all. And it can put an e-brake on the most well intended day.  Yoga can make all the…… Continue reading Three ways Yoga can conquer Anxiety

Quote of the Day

Yoga in painful. Not because of the Asana. Yoga digs inside of you and rips all of your emotions out and throws them on the table. Like being gutted. And you have no choice but to choose what you keep and what you cannot let back in again. And over time, Yoga becomes beautiful. And…… Continue reading Quote of the Day