Quote of the Day 

You ain’t gotta be rich or important to be somebody to someone. You ain’t gotta live in the suburbs or be a vegan or wear leggings to be into Yoga. You ain’t gotta go to church to believe in something. And you sure as shit ain’t gotta answer to a damn anybody to be exactly… Continue reading Quote of the Day 

Quote of the day

I am now incredibly flawed. Years of experience, realizations and cross roads does that to a woman. Being tired is a girl scout badge for the effortless mother. Being determined is as common place as the kitchen sink. Be raw and solid in your identity. A waving pine is beautiful. But an oak tree forerever… Continue reading Quote of the day

On Hiatus. Anxiety Sucks Ass

Sometimes the smallest changes take an immense amount of spiritual energy out of me. Any shift in moods, life or diet can tear me up mentally and sometimes physical. Oh the joys of anxiety.    Lately there hasn’t even been a shift of anything. In fact, things just keep getting better. I’ve removed toxicity, my… Continue reading On Hiatus. Anxiety Sucks Ass

Advance your practice and relieve shoulder pain with Yoga Blocks

It doesn’t matter if you are suffering from bad posture, chronic pain or trying to free the chest for more meaningful expressions of Asana…healthy and elastic chest and shoulders is crucial for your quality of life. Below are 3 ways you can use Yoga Blocks (or books) to free the chest and shoulders. Childs Pose… Continue reading Advance your practice and relieve shoulder pain with Yoga Blocks