Quote of the Day

“There is great strength to be found in submission. Be submissive in your practice, your religion, your routines and your partner. Don’t ever become so egotistical, so powerful, that you crush the life and the love around you. Sometimes great leaders turn around and realize nobody is walking behind them anymore. Submit to your life.”-…… Continue reading Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

Yoga in painful. Not because of the Asana. Yoga digs inside of you and rips all of your emotions out and throws them on the table. Like being gutted. And you have no choice but to choose what you keep and what you cannot let back in again. And over time, Yoga becomes beautiful. And…… Continue reading Quote of the Day

It’s simplicity that manifests greatness

We are all moved in! I’m doing my first load of clothes in our new (to us) washer and dryer. It’s such an amazing feeling to have a home with a washing machine. There have been times in my life as a single mom when I was washing clothes in the bath tub. We have…… Continue reading It’s simplicity that manifests greatness

Today’s the big day!

  Chris and I are finally moving into our little house in the boonies. Where I belong.    In the midst of what will be relatively stressful, I made time for me. The poor man worked on a job overnight down in Melbourne and then got two hours of sleep before going up to Jacksonville…… Continue reading Today’s the big day!