Yoga for Chrohn’s Sufferers

  Digestive upsets are bad enough. Imagine living in a constant state of discomfort.. Sometimes even agony. Sufferers of Chrohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis (my son suffers from this) can tell you, most wouldn’t wish it on anyone.    As with most things which ail, Yoga has benefits to reduce and alleviate. Studies have shown that… Continue reading Yoga for Chrohn’s Sufferers

On Hiatus. Anxiety Sucks Ass

Sometimes the smallest changes take an immense amount of spiritual energy out of me. Any shift in moods, life or diet can tear me up mentally and sometimes physical. Oh the joys of anxiety.    Lately there hasn’t even been a shift of anything. In fact, things just keep getting better. I’ve removed toxicity, my… Continue reading On Hiatus. Anxiety Sucks Ass

So… I did this IG challenge. 

   I have been participating in a challenge on Instagram ( #stripdownAsanas ). It is nothing new for me. Except, of course, for the whole naked part. When I first saw the challenge I was at the point it was a definite “not happening”. As beautiful as the message was of body acceptance and self… Continue reading So… I did this IG challenge. 

Three ways Yoga can conquer Anxiety

By Lindsey White, CYT    I know first hand what Anxiety can do to a person. I have lived with it for a very long time. It comes on out of nowhere, for seemingly no reason at all. And it can put an e-brake on the most well intended day.  Yoga can make all the… Continue reading Three ways Yoga can conquer Anxiety